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  1. What color refills are available for Garland ballpoint pens?
    Refills are available in black or blue ink, in medium point.
  2. How do I replace the lead in my Garland mechanical pencil?
    Refills are available in 0.7mm lead. To replace the lead in your pencil, please follow these instructions:
        First, make sure that all of the old lead is out of your pencil. Twist the barrel to fully extend and expel the old lead. If a small piece of lead is still visible, remove it from the mechanism. A very thin metal pin will appear in the hole of the pencil point. Retract this pin as far back into the point as necessary to insert a new piece of lead, leaving only a very small piece extending out of the pencil point. (If the lead is too long, and sticks out of the point more than approximately 1/16”, it can be broken into 2 smaller pieces. Extra leads may be stored in the pencil mechanism, underneath the eraser.) Holding the pencil upright, gently press the lead against a hard surface to “seat” the lead in the mechanism.

       Note: While we are glad to repair any malfunctioning pencil under our mechanical warranty, it is certainly an inconvenience for you to return your pencil to us. Please review these instructions carefully and do not force or jam lead into the mechanism. The majority of twist mechanism pencils that are returned to our service department for repair are not functioning properly due to improper loading of the lead.
  3. How do I replace the refill in my Garland Rollerball?
    Rollerball refills are available in fine point black or blue. If not specified, black will be provided. To replace the cartridge in your rollerball, please follow these instructions:
       Pull apart the top (cap) and the bottom (barrel) halves of the rollerball. Unscrew the metal nib from the barrel. Remove and discard the protective cap from the new rollerball refill cartridge. Insert the new cartridge into the metal nib and screw the nib back into the barrel.
    Always remember to put the cap of your rollerball back on the barrel when not in use to extend the life of your refill.
    Rollerball cartridges are highly fluid and will dry out quickly if the tip is left exposed for an extended period of time.

  4. How do I order refills?
    Refills can be purchased by sending a check or money order with your completed order form to our Service Department at 3 South Main Street, Coventry, RI 02816. Please include a valid return address with zip code to ensure that your product is delivered promptly. Refills are shipped within days of receipt of your order. Click here for an order form.
  5. Where else can I purchase refills for my Garland writing instrument?
    Refills that are available at your local office product supply store may fit. However, for optimum performance, we recommend ordering refills from us. Our replacement refills are very reasonably priced and will be sent out to you within days of your order.


  1. What if my pen doesn’t write?
    Check to make sure your refill has ink in it – many times our customers simply overlook this important step. If you’re out of ink, you may simply need to purchase new refills. Please see Question #4 in the “Refills” section above for a link to place an order. Still doesn’t write? Return to us for repair or contact us for assistance.
  2. Where do I send my Garland writing instrument for repair?
    Please mail repairs to our Service Department at 3 South Main Street, Coventry, RI 02816. Be sure to include a valid return address, with street location and zip code, as repairs are usually shipped via UPS.
  3. How should I package my writing instrument when I send it back for repair?
    Send your writing instrument in a padded (bubble-wrapped) package or small box to prevent damage that may be caused in transit. We cannot repair or replace items that are damaged or lost in transit due to improper packing.
  4. What repairs are covered by Garland’s Heirloom guarantee?
    Our guarantee covers the mechanical/functional working of your USA-made writing instrument. Many times, we receive items that only need repair due to improper replacement of the refill or lead. Other writing instruments are returned that are decades old, or have experienced a lifetime of use in just a few years. We take pride in fixing as much as we can at no charge to our loyal clients. Don’t you wish your new vehicle came with as good a warranty as your Garland?

    As with all things, sometimes an item just needs to be replaced with something new or different! Even when an appliance or a pair of shoes is still working and functional, you might want to replace it with an updated model. Please visit our retail store to purchase a new writing instrument when you are ready to replace your well-worn Garland.
  5. How long will my repair take?
    Your repair will usually be on its way back to you within three to five (3-5) working days from receipt, except during our busy holiday season or our two-week summer shutdown.
  6. What if I have a really old Garland writing instrument that needs repair?
    We generally stock replacement parts and refills for all items for at least 20 years. Since all of our products are customized, we approach each request on a case-by-case basis. If your pen was manufactured prior to 1982, the mechanism may simply need to be refurbished. We can update your mechanism at no charge on most of our older items. Should the mechanism of your old writing instrument be unrepairable, we will offer you another Garland writing instrument of equal or greater value from our current product Collections. Give us a call or send back your writing instrument for evaluation.

Placing Your Custom Order

  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    Your order will ship 10 working days after receipt of your order, provided all necessary paperwork and artwork is included.
  2. What are Garland’s minimum order quantities for customized products?
    We have selected items in our line that are offered in quantities as low as 24 units. Small orders are just as important to us as the “big ones.” Our company has grown by building successful business relationships that most often start with small orders. We have many satisfied clients that reorder year after year, and others that start with a minimum order run to check out our quality/delivery/service before placing an order for a larger quantity. And, our USA-made Photo Logo Collections provide two opportunities for customization with the full-color logo dome as well as imprint or engraving.
  3. What do I need to send for Garland to make a full-color logo dome?
    We can use your business card, letterhead, a logo on your brochure, or the actual patch or crest from your uniform. What makes Garland special? – we use a photography process, not a printing process. No need to worry about extra charges for additional colors that are included in your company logo or artwork! What you send in is what you’ll see in your photo logo dome (fit to size, of course).
  4. What if I have a logo that won’t fit in the dome?
    If your logo is too large (or too long) you can place it on the barrel of your writing instrument and select one of our stock logos for the dome. Or, we can suggest ways to split up or use just a portion of your artwork in the dome. Please call us at (401) 828-9582 for a free consultation and have our Product Specialists work with you to choose/recommend a stock logo or assist you with your artwork.
  5. Where do I send my emailed artwork?
    Email your artwork to: artwork@garlandpen.com. Please note that email sent to any other address will cause a delay in your order. As well, make sure that your company name and order number is included on the subject line of your e-mail for easy reference upon receipt.
  6. Why do you need PMS colors for electronic art?
    Our monitors and printers may not be color-calibrated to match the equipment that created or reproduced your original logo art. By providing us with PMS colors, we can adjust your electronic file if necessary to ensure that your photo logo matches your artwork very closely.
  7. Can I mix different color items on an order?
    Yes. You can order 100 dark blue and 100 dark green of the same item and receive the 200-quantity price, provided that all 200 will use the same artwork and color photo logo dome. However, our products do have minimum quantities per color due to our production processes. Our USA-made writing instruments are not assembled, stocked and sitting on the shelf. They are 100% custom-made beginning with the day we accept your order. Therefore, we have stated minimums which must be met for each color and series.
  8. Can I get a paper proof for my order?
    Paper proofs, while available for typeset imprint copy, are not offered for photo logos or engraving. Color and sizing constraints of our photo logos and the font selection and condensing of our commercial lasers cannot be effectively represented in a paper proof process. A good rule of thumb when it comes to customization is: “A paper proof is not a substitute for a product proof.” We can certainly type in your copy and print it out – however, it might not be representative of what it will actually look like on the color or finish of the product you’ve ordered. Our product proofs are extremely economical so why take a chance? We always recommend taking a Garland “in hand” (ordering a product proof) when placing an order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  9. Can you tell me some more about engraving and imprinting before I place my order?
    We’re glad you asked! Engraving is a permanent etch into the surface of the item. It is a very durable process that always adds a high perceived value to your purchase. Silver or golden colored engraving on dark surfaced items will make your name, logo or message distinctive. Engraving on stainless, chrome, nickel and other metal tones provides a more subtle display of your copy. Some items can be oxidized or tinted to enhance the contrast. It’s really all about personal preference and styles, and Garland offers a selection of products, finishes and engraving options that can let you create just about any effect that you want.

    Imprinting is a process to add vibrant color, or multiple colors, to the surface of your product. As a surface process, an imprinted copy will usually not wear quite as well as an engraved copy. The usage of the particular item, as well as hand creams, soaps, and even the recipient’s own natural body oils can all affect the long-term durability of an imprinted copy. Rest assured however, that we carefully research inks, coatings and substrate adhesion to provide optimum durability and appearance on all of our imprinted items under normal usage and conditions.

    Imprinting is also a much more versatile option than engraving. The range of color combinations is much greater and the copy area is often much larger than the area that can be reached by a laser etch. In fact, our resin barrel Founder’s Collection provides copy that can wrap around the entire barrel of the writing instrument at no additional charge! With our wide variety of item colors and virtually unlimited number of possible ink colors, your options are endless.
  10. Can you tell me a little more about laser engraving and a laser logo before I place my order?
    Another great question! Standard laser engraving is the more economical choice. One line of our standard font engraving is always free, including individual personalizations! Many of our items offer 2 lines of repeat copy at no charge as well. Laser logo engraving takes your actual logo, or a specific corporate typestyle and engraves into the product. The effect is awesome! No per piece running charges will be incurred, just a one-time laser logo set-up fee.
  11. What if I have a question that isn’t covered by your FAQ’s?
    We pride ourselves on customer service, and look forward to hearing from you! Please submit your questions for consideration to info@garlandpen.com.




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