Garland Writing Instruments/Becker Manufacturing Company California Proposition 65 Compliance Statement


Garland Writing Instruments by Becker Manufacturing Company is compliant with current California Proposition 65 requirements.
All of the components of our products have been reviewed to determine if any of the materials are Prop 65 listed and if so, do they
meet the level that requires Prop 65 labeling. There are currently no products in our line that require Prop 65 warning labels. We
have SDS sheets on all of the raw materials that we purchase for production. We also have the material conformance/certification
statements on file for components that we purchase from outside vendors. Since over 95% of all components and materials used
in our products are sourced from the USA, we are confident that we are purchasing from reputable vendors that are also aware of
the CA Prop 65 labeling requirements. When new materials or vendors are sourced, we complete a thorough evaluation that will
ensure we remain compliant with the current Prop 65 product labeling requirements.

If you have specific questions regarding materials in our product line, please contact us.

Updated as of August 24, 2018

Download PDF version of our CA Prop 65 Statement


Garland Writing Instruments/Becker Manufacturing Company Product Safety Statement
CPSIA General Certificate of Conformity


Becker/Garland is committed to providing our distributors and their clients a safe and reliable product. Our products are manufactured
in the USA with components sourced from USA suppliers. We are in compliance with all Federal and State product and process safety
requirements, and we only work with vendors that can provide documentation of their compliance with all component and process
safety criteria.


Our products are not sold or marketed to children and as such are not subject to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
regulations regarding children’s items.

Our products are not edible or ingested and are also not items that are dispensed or applied onto the skin or body. They are therefore
not subject to the CPSC or Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Our products are not flammable, combustible, corrosive or produced using materials determined to be hazardous under current CPSC

We maintain $2,000,000 in product liability coverage with an additional $2,000,000 umbrella policy for resolution of any unforeseen or
potential product liability claims or issues.

We maintain updated Safety Data Sheets on all purchased components and manufacturing supplies and all employees receive annual
refresher training.

We adhere to all provisions of the Federal Fair Employment and Safety regulations and standards.

Any materials or chemicals used in our production processes are property disposed of according to Federal and State requirements.

We do not use any of the listed items that are subject to the California Proposition 65 regulations.

Should any of our products become subject to a recall or litigation due to product safety issues, appropriate notification will be made
to all involved parties.

Should you have any specific questions regarding our products or our safety standards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated as of January 1, 2018.

Download PDF version of our Product Safety Statement




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